I don’t know why this hasn’t been posted before, but I searched ‘Wonder Woman Sports Bra’ so I could share this and NOTHING CAME UP.

I’m so excited to honestly be getting female representation in comics sports gear. I know that seems silly, but it has always annoyed me that the guys have snazzy shirts that really won’t fit me - broad shoulders and teeny waist is the exact opposite of me - but now I can have my Diana with me all day, every day. 

You can get it HERE

EDIT: I forgot to post the Supergirl, Batgirl and Batwoman ones!

Part of makes me so happy about this is that it comes in more than pink and purple. Not that theres anything wrong with those colors, but its nice when I want a wonder woman or a bat girl or any hero clothing item to have the option of buying it in the hero’s respective colors.